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70g White Twist Up Deodorant Tube with White Screw Cap and Disc Set of 100
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70g White Twist Up Deodorant Tube with White Screw Cap and Disc Set of 100

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70g White Twist Up Deodorant Tube with White Screw Cap and Disc

SKU: FC12-70g / White (160)

Our 70g White Twist Up Deodorant Tube includes the White Screw Cap and White Polystyrene Disc. However the whole housing on the outside is made of white rigid polystyrene, the inner cover disk is a crystal clear polystyrene. This helps showcase your product while offering a protective covering.

In addition, our white twist up deodorant tube features a rotatable base that twists. With this functionality, it connects to the inner PP stem that Propels and Repels the push mold. (This is NOT a Push Tube)

Similarly, this deodorant container twists up and down like a Lip Balm Container. Above All, our white twist up deodorant tube could be used not just for deodorants but for sunscreens, and solid perfumes.

In conclusion, Please Review The Filling Instruction for our White Twist Up Deodorant Tube Below For Proper Use.

Directions For Use: To dispense the contents of our white twist up deodorant tube simply twist the container’s base counterclockwise. This will cause the inner disc to push contents upward and rise out of the container.

FIlling Instructions: To fill our white twist up deodorant tube, first place them upside down, with cap and disc inserted. The base must be off. After, Fill the container with the product from the bottom up to the plunger. (the internal disc with three holes that will move the product upward). Be sure not to fill above the plunger or the tube will not function properly. Next, insert the base back on the bottom of the tube. After the product has solidified fully, unscrew the cap, remove the disc and the product is ready for use.

Note: Filling with a solution that is too hot can warp the plastic & damage the inner mechanisms. Containers do not provide a waterproof seal, so pouring too hot can also cause leaking (until the formulation solidifies). Be sure to test the rotatable base prior to use. This review helps ensure the tubes are working properly and compatible. If the solution placed in them is too thick or pasty, the twist mechanism cannot freely move the product up and down.

Recommended filling temps (plus or minus 5 degrees):
145 degrees for a deodorant or lotion bar (product w/out alcohol)
165 degrees for an antiperspirant

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