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Medical Cannabis Strain Labels

  • RX Medical Cannabis labels state propositions are printed on the labels along with a green RX symbol
  • Medical marijuana labels are the standard size for the medical marihuana industry and fit great on our pop top vials, reversible cap vials, as well as all of our glass vials and bags

We provide you with identification and packaging solutions for your medical cannabis storage needs! You can order RX medical cannabis labels from Premium Vials, which have state propositions as well as the green RX symbol printed on them for easy identification.

The labels that we provide are all available to the medical marijuana industry in standard sizing. It makes for easy placement on your own storage containers. However, these labels are also sized to fit on our own reversible cap vials, glass vials, and pop top vials. Place an order for your medical cannabis label roll today!

California Government Warning label - 1,000 Count PV-LABEL-GOV-WARN-1X4


With California releasing its updated rules and regulations for cannabis products in 2018, compliance has never been more integral. These Government Warning Stickers will cover your product for the warning portion of section 40408 of the California Code...

California Universal Product Symbol - 1,000 Count MP-LABEL-CA-TRI-75X75


With compliance to state regulations being more crucial than ever, these Universal Symbol stickers will help keep all of your cannabis products well within regulations. Each sticker is emblazoned with the specific graphic required for California cannabis...

Canada Universal Symbol Labels - 1,000 Count PV-OUSY


These universal cannabis labels for marijuana products are a must if you want to meet the rigid compliance guidelines ordained by the Canadian government as of March 2018. Featuring a red octagonal shape emblazoned with a white cannabis leaf and a black...

Colorado Compliant Labels - Retail Marijuana - 2000 Count MP-CRL1000


These labels were custom created for the State of Colorado's recreational marijuana industry. These labels contain key features mandated by Colorado law for compliant labeling of marijuana products. This label was designed with Colorado consumers and...

Generic Warning Labels - Oregon Compliant - 1000 Count MP-MCOR


These generic warning labels have been made in compliance with state and local laws pertaining to marijuana distribution in the state of Oregon. These labels are a cost effective way of maintaining strict labeling protocols within Oregon’s legal...

Marijuana Warning Labels - Generic - 1,000 Count PV-WL1000


There marijuana warning labels are used in both medical and retail marijuana dispensaries and collectives. These labels are printed on non-gloss label stickers with the red "WARNING" title printed across the top of the label. These labels are intended to...

Massachusetts Warning Edible - 1,000 Count MP-LABEL-MA-WARN-EDIBLE


Make sure your cannabis product meets the most current rules and regulations ordained by the state of Massachusetts with these state compliant warning stickers for edibles. These stickers are precisely sized to adhere to state compliance and feature the...

Medical Marijuana Labels - California State Design - 1000 Count PV-MCCA


Get the facts straight with these packs of California state-compliant Medical Marijuana Labels featuring a silhouette of the state and the California grizzly bear. These Rx medical labels come in counts of 1000, 5000, or 10000. These are sized to fit the...

Medical Marijuana Labels - Michigan Compliant - 3000 Count MP-MCMI


If you’re a dispensary or collective, medical marijuana labels are a necessity to the success and stability of your business. Each of these medical marijuana labels gives the option of stating the strain, as well as the type of medical marijuana...