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Cargill's NatureWax

Cargill's NatureWax® C-1 FIL-NW-C1


NatureWax C-1 is all-natural soy and palm wax blend with a great hot and cold scent throw. It is the first generation of Cargill waxes and still holds a significant following today with minimized wet spots through complete pull-away. C-1 wax has minimal...

Cargill's NatureWax® C-3 Soy Wax FIL-NW-C3


NatureWax C-3 is an all-natural soy-based wax. It finishes creamy and opaque and is preferred for its glass adhesion that minimizes wet spots, has little to no frosting, and has the ability to single-pour without additives. A great all-around container...

Cargill's NatureWax® Elite 200 FIL-NW-ELITE 200


  Elite 200 takes container wax to the next level! Elite 200 wax is a soy/palm blend wax. It goes beyond the C-Series waxes by allowing for even higher fragrance loads without syneresis. Complete pull-away without rattling in the container...

Cargill's NatureWax® Elite 300 Pillar Wax FIL-NW-ELITE 300


    Elite 300 raises the standard for Natural Pillar Waxes as a more forgiving wax. This high-performance 100% palm-based pillar blend wax offers a nice smooth finish when hot-poured and a beautiful textured finish when cold-poured. Good...

Cargill's NatureWax® S-113 Soy Container Wax FIL-NW-S113


NatureWax S-113 100% Pure Soy Wax with no additives by Cargill (formerly Elevance Renewable Sciences). This wax was formulated as a base wax that is ideal for blending. Make-Up: Soy Form: Flake Melt Point: 111°F - 116°F   To...