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Storage vial kit, 22 mL, 22 x 85 clear vial, 20-400 open, PTFE/silicone septa, 100/pk. Vial size: 23 x 85 mm (20-400 cap)

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Agilent 4 mL screw top glass vial, 12 mL screw top glass vial, 22 mL screw top glass vial, and 40 mL screw top glass vial storage vial kits contain screw top glass vials constructed from Type 1 borosilicate glass.

Available as both clear glass vials or amber glass vials , open top screw caps with PTFE/silicone septa, or PTFE lined storage screw caps that offer broad chemical resistance.

Our storage screw top vial kits are used extensively in environmental, food, and pharmaceutical applications. Standalone storage screw glass vial and storage screw caps options are available for increased flexibility.

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