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Wide Mouth Jars

Wide-mouth jars are a solid storage solution for marijuana (cannabis) packaging. Containers are light resistant, odor resistant, airtight, and child-resistant packaging certified. These features allow products to retain their freshness and prevent moisture or odors from leaking out of the containers. Marijuana (cannabis), vitamins, or medication can be stored in the jars. Choose from black or white options.

0.5 oz White Ointment Jars - 240 Count MP-OJ05


These wide mouth medicine jars are adept at storing your product and perishable medicines, featuring a convenient opening that locks in freshness as well as odor. The unique wide mouth design renders these plastic containers easy to fill up while...

12oz Child Resistant & Tamper Evident Container - 116 Count MP-LOC12


  The 12oz Child Resistant & Tamper Evident Container is the perfect state compliant storage solution. The child resistant locking mechanism of the lid keeps contents safe from young, curious hands while a tamper-evident seal reinforces...

16oz White Wide Mouth Jars - 205 Count MP-PNT16OZ


The "wide mouth" on these jars allows for easier access to the vials contents and because of that they have become the container of choice for pharmacies and vitamin packaging. This compliant medical grade plastic jar is the industry standard for...

1oz Black Mouth Jars 38mm - 700 Count MP-TR1Z


A must for any respectable dispensary, these Child Resistant Containers lock in the freshness of your product while keeping it safe from tampering. Making optimal use of a simple yet reliable push & turn sealing method, these are the perfect...