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Concentrate Containers

Concentrate Containers - 

Designed for ease of use, these containers feature an easy to use snap-on or screw tops.  The clear glass showcases the quality of your concentrate, crumble, wax or oil and the well-fitting caps protect the potency of the product, seals in freshness, and prevents the possibility of leakage.

Premium Vials is your premier source for the absolute best in flower packaging, concentrate packaging, and edible packaging at an industry best price. Concentrate containers are non-stick containers to store wax, oil and other small items used in packaging. They can be made from silicone, glass, or high-quality plastic and are available in various sizes for convenient storage. These can be used for vaping shops, dispensary stores, and shops where waxy buildup from various products can create an issue.

Double Wall Concentrate Container 7ML - 100 Count MP-DWC7


Designed for storing medicated concentrates in between uses, these concentrate containers come in units of 100 and can store approximately 7ml worth of concentrates per container. Equipped with an airtight screw top lid for storing safely, this...

Raw Parchment Paper 12" in x 32' ft (12 Pack) MP-RPP25


RAW now has its own line of parchment paper. With its very slick easy to use tear off blade RAW's dual coated Parchment paper is the best way to store and handle your concentrate needs. Unrefined and Unbleached RAW gives you the best of the best when it...

Glass No Neck Concentrate Containers 6ML Tray/144 units MP-GCNN6ML


These glass no neck concentrate containers are 6 ml in capacity and are popular because they are constructed of borosilicate glass: the kind of glass that was designed to be directly heated by a torch or lighter. They were designed to be strong and...

PTFE Non-Stick Sheets 4" x 4" - 1,000 Count MP-PTFE44


PTFE Non-Stick Sheets is perfect for your extraction needs. Working with concentrates can be sticky business, but these Teflon-coated non-stick sheets reduce that familiar cling so you can work faster, more efficiently, and retain more product. The...

White Lid Child Resistant Vape Container 16mm - 500 Count MP-VCCRCW16


  Smooth, sleek, and suitable for on-the-move vape enthusiasts, these White Lid Clear Child Resistant Vape Containers are perfectly sized for your 510-threaded carts. Featuring depenle child-resistant push-and-turn caps, these vape cartridge...

Child Resistant Black Glass Concentrate Container - 5ML - 504 count MP-GCCR5ML-BG


Designed for waxes, shatters and other concentrates, these Child Resistant Opaque Black Glass Concentrate Containers offer a sexier way of staying state compliant. The black plastic lid uses a push-and-turn child locking mechanism that renders this...