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Dispensing Caps

There is a number of ways to get product out of a bottle, and dispensing caps (caps that don’t have to be removed from the container) fit any variety of special application when needed. We categorize these by style. There is a great lid for your product so get browsing!

Plastic Caps, Black Smooth Disc Top Caps - size 20-410

Black Smooth Disc Top Caps - size 20-410 - pack of 1000 B1393


    Plastic Caps, Black Smooth Disc Top Caps The smooth black PP disc top closures are made with a slight indent in the plastic top, which is designed to have a light amount of pressure applied to it in order to expose the orifice where the...

Natural-colored LDPE 20 mm orifice reducer - Pack of 1500 CP-L169NT


Natural-colored LDPE 20mm orifice reducer. Low density polyethylene (LDPE) is marked with the resin identification code of 4. LDPE has high tensile strength and low density. This makes it very tough and "squeezable." LDPE has medium clarity, good...

White PP 110-400 ribbed un

White PP 110-400 ribbed unlined skirt lid - Set of 16 CP-L250W


  The lid fits containers with a 110-400 neck finish. The ribbed edge provides extra grip when removing the lid from the container. The included F217 foam liner will create an air-tight seal.