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Display Containers

Display containers have one job ... display. They are the vehicle by which your product is stored and shown off. These large angled containers are large capacity containers that mesh function with form. Browse our catalog of large-capacity display containers and invite some to come home with you today.

White PP 110-400 ribbed skirt lid with foam liner CP-L250W


The lid fits containers with a 110-400 neck finish. The ribbed edge provides extra grip when removing the lid from the container. The included F217 foam liner will create an air-tight seal. 

White PP 89-400 ribbed skirt lid with foam liner CP-L246F


This closure includes an F217 foam liner, which will create an airtight seal when the lid is securely screwed on to the container. This lid is made of polypropylene (PP), which means it has a high heat tolerance level and an excellent resistance to...