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How Sports Bottles Are Made

4th Dec 2019

We take plastic bottles with us to the gym, to work, when we’re running around doing errands, riding on the subway…basically anywhere we go. School-going kids take plastic bottles with them to school, to the playground, to basketball practice, etc.We take plastic bottles for granted. These handy reusable plastic bottles, aka sports bottles, get us through the day by allowing us to carry our beverages with us wherever we go. Companies selling plastic bottles experiment with design, color, and str
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Why the Message In a Bottle idea is Trending in the Business Industry

3rd Dec 2019

Nowadays, branding of glass bottles and glass jars is a huge part of the marketing strategies for beer companies, sports drinks, soft drinks, etc. But back in the day, some companies were using glass bottles to advertise in a completely different way.The concept of communicating by sending a message in a bottle dates back to 310 BC, when philosopher Theophrastus used it to confirm that the water from the Mediterranean Sea flowed into the Atlantic Ocean. In the next centuries, many people in dist
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Your Favorite Booze Bottles and Why They’re so Appealing

2nd Dec 2019

Bottles for wine, beer and spirits, are so much more than ordinary containers. They represent exquisite decoration pieces that can look like art at times. But what makes booze bottles most unique is how they interact with the hands. Although all bottles are meant to be held, bottles containing alcohol are designed to look a certain way when being held and poured. Think about how you hold a bottle, and how your bartender holds a bottle. Booze bottles are designed to be used by bartenders who are
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Getting It Right: Organic Food Packaging Design Checklist

4th Oct 2019

So you too have decided to join the organic food race. Welcome on board. These indeed are exciting times for the organic food industry. This decision can prove to be a game changer for your food manufacturing business. To succeed with your latest enterprise however, you must be on point with every detail of your organic food product, starting from the product itself to the equally important product packaging. Now you may already have a vision in mind of how you’d like your organic food packagin
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Let’s Learn the Difference between Rigid and Flexible Packaging

2nd Oct 2019

In order to choose the right packaging solution for your products, you need to take a variety of factors into consideration. These include type, size, design, material and cost. Many manufacturers utilize both flexible and rigid packaging for their products, and while it’s a simple and straightforward choice for some, others might require the advice of an expert to make the right decision. Here at Premium Vials, we specialize in devising custom packaging solutions that are a perfect fit for your
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