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A Peek Inside the Surprising World of Medical Cannabis Labels

1st Jan 2020

The global cannabis industry has grown at an unprecedented rate over the past decade with studies estimating that the market is currently valued at over USD $340 billion. That’s an astounding figure for an industry that was considered taboo just a couple of decades ago. Consumers have now begun to realize the various benefits of medical marijuana, which is it is increasingly high demand. However, one aspect of medical cannabis that has come under great scrutiny is with regard to its labeling and
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Commercial Packaging Design: 3 Common Pitfalls That You Must Avoid

31st Dec 2019

What’s the first drink that comes to your mind when you hear the words ‘fizzy drink’ and ‘red’? If it’s Coke, give yourself 10 points!If one removes the logo of Nutella and shows you the empty jar, would you still be able to recognize the brand? We are sure you can!Both these brands have highly distinctive packaging that not only makes them more recognizable but also adds to the recall value of the product. In a world full of chocolate boxes, Toblerone stands tall and proud with its unique and i
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Eliminate Your Packaging Issues with Vented Liners

30th Dec 2019

Packaging is as important to a product as its price, tangible features, and other features. You can’t expect a moisturizer to sell if it constantly leaks inside makeup pouches—no matter how effective it is. There is no secret recipe for the ideal packaging standards that you must follow. All it demands to be is aesthetically appealing, functional, and free of failures!What are the common packaging failures?You can neither compromise on the functionality nor on the aesthetic, or else the packagin
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Perfecting Your Labels: 3 Tips for Designing

28th Dec 2019

There are many factors that have to work in harmony in order to create the perfect product. Of course, the quality of the actual product matters the most, but it’s also essential to make the product visually appealing enough for the consumers to actually purchase it in the first place. That’s one of the major reasons why the packaging industry has experienced a boom over the past decade. However, a critical component that’s often overlooked when evaluating the factors that influence the success
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3 Ways to stand out with Your Beauty Packaging

27th Dec 2019

A beauty brand is far more than an assortment of moisturizers, cleansers, and toners. It’s someone’s self-esteem, personality, and lifestyle. In short, it’s an important component of their daily regimen that they love. As a manufacturer, it is your job to add the right consumer appeal that makes the product more personalized and helps the end user relate to the brand!How is this possible?a.The right fragrances, textures, and pigmentationb.The right set of functional benefits c.Good value for mon
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