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The Big Marijuana Packaging Mistake You Could Be Making

16th Aug 2019

For most marijuana dispensary owners, glass is the go-to solution when it comes to packaging their marijuana products. After all, glass is cool; glass is safe, glass is recyclable. But do you know what type of packaging marijuana customers prefer? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not glass but smell-proof bags.Marijuana customer prefer to have their pot packed in smell proof bagsMarijuana consumers often like to carry it while travelling. As such, a glass container can prove to be a source of in
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A Brief Introduction to Packaging Closures for Packaging Newbies

14th Aug 2019

No matter whether you package food sauce, pharmaceuticals, body wash, automotive oils or glass cleaners, using the right closure is critical to maintaining the integrity of your product. The following post introduces you to the different types of closures available in the market. Types of Packaging ClosuresPackaging closures can be divided based on: The material they are made fromThe dispensing profile they have In the first category, there are predominantly two types of packaging closures: pla
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Choosing a Concentrate Container for Your CBD Oil Product

12th Aug 2019

CBD concentrates remain by far the most potent and purest forms of CBD products on the market today. Obtained from the hemp plant and filtered to produce the strongest concentrations, they pack in maximum benefits and relief for conditions like seizures, panic attacks and pain to the very last ounce (oz).Typically, CBD concentrates are sold as either higher viscosity extracts or thin oils. With the former, manufacturers have a lot of room to play with in terms of what container to use for storag
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Vape Packaging Options: Why Switch to Disposable Vape Pens

10th Aug 2019

Vapes have emerged as the dominant segment within the legal U.S cannabis concentrate market. In Colorado, they make up 52 percent of the concentrate sales. In Oregon and California, they are even more popular, capturing a market share of 69% and 78% respectively. The experience of clean vapors with a nice flavor and no carcinogens greatly appeals to cannabis concentrate consumers and prompts them to opt for vaping. Up until recently, vape products were mostly packaged and sold in the form of tab
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Go Airless With Your Cosmetics Packaging Efforts

8th Aug 2019

There have been significant developments in airless packaging, especially when we speak of cosmetic products. Airless pump bottles offer an extensive range of benefits over conventional bottles, making them an attractive choice for beauty products manufacturers. Let’s learn more about airless bottles and its potential benefits. What are Airless bottles? Airless bottles have a very simple, but genius design structure which helps in keeping the cosmetic products protected and safe. The diaphragm o
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