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Candle Supplies - The Benefits of Using Tins for Your Candle Business

Candle Supplies - The Benefits of Using Tins for Your Candle Business

Candle business is a fantastic way to turn a hobby into an extra income stream. For those willing and able to put in the hard work, and dedication, it’s easily a fulfilling and profitable way to fill up free time. What’s more, it’s surprisingly simple to get into the candle business, as the supplies and tools required are simple and minimal.

One of the hardest parts about starting a candle business is also the most enjoyable part: deciding on attractive features like scents, color chips, wax types, and of course, the molds and containers that will become your candles. While there are plenty of items into which you can pour the wax, you should not overlook the benefits of using tins for your candle business!

A Lightweight Alternative

For the most part, the average candle sells in a plain glass jar. While familiar to many consumers, glass has a distinct disadvantage. Unless you use very delicate glass, it’s a heavy medium by nature. In other words, your candles will weigh down shopping bags or bump up shipping costs. Both are inconveniences to the customer! Tins are just as familiar and well-known a container for pouring candles yet weigh a fraction of the price.

Durability Beyond Glass

Another major disadvantage of glass is its fragility. The average candle has fairly thick glass and a compact form that makes it resistant to breakage. Should you drop the candle, the added bulk threatens wooden furniture and anything else in its path. What’s more, the glass of the candle might still break.

Dented desktops and broken glass are all too familiar annoyances to candle lovers. As such, one of the benefits of using tins for your candle business is their resilience overall. Tin is our favorite alternative, as it’s too light to cause harm in the same way as glass and will never break. A tin candle prone to hopping off shelves will, at worst, acquire a dent if it falls very hard from a significant height.

An Affordable Option

Tins are a common packaging option and not just a novelty candle supply. In other words, ordering Tin Containers is an easy way to keep your necessities stocked up without the high costs. It’s easy to order a large backstock of these handy containers so you can focus on what matters—making beautiful candles and marketing your new business.

Premium Vials has been busy guaranteeing affordable packaging to businesses around the world. We specialize in wholesale stock containers and carry a wide selection of glass, metal, and plastic options. Explore our collection of tins, jars, bottles, and more today.

7th Jul 2022

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