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5 Perfume Packaging Ideas you’ve Got to See

Perfumes are products which will never experience a fall in demand. In addition to being daily-use products, they’ve been a popular gift idea that has been trendy for as long as we can remember, and one, which it’s safe to say, will never get dated.

However, the perfume and fragrance industry is a fiercely competitive one, and brands have to come up with innovative marketing ideas in order to stay relevant and competitive – and what better way to do it than through beautiful packaging.

Keep on reading to find some innovative perfume packaging ideas that’ll help your brand stand out.

Perfume Bottles Inspired By Famous Drinks

This is a classic case of leveraging the popularity of another product to win customers for your brand. Perfume bottles that are shaped or designed like popular drinks, such as Coca Cola, have become one of the hottest trends in the industry. Coca Cola, for instance, is a beverage that is loved by millions around the world, and a Coca Cola inspired perfume packaging is bound to attract new customers, especially those who love the drink.

Nature Inspired Packaging

If the scent of a perfume can be inspired by nature, why not it’s packaging, right? Using nature-inspired design elements such as a log-shaped bottle that opens in the middle or using earthly colors like brown or green on the subscription boxes can pull off the effect nicely. They can be recyclable as well.

Recyclable Material

If you want to advertise your perfume brand’s eco-friendly message, why not do it through your product packaging? There are virtually endless possibilities in terms of coming up with a design that reflects your brand’s sustainable practices. We have already mentioned using earthly tones and colors, but another option is using a minimalist box made from recyclable cardboard.

Using Colors That Go With the Scent

If the perfume has a romantic smell, then choose a romantic color for the bottle and its box. This can be a light grey one for a men’s perfume, or red for the ladies.

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2nd Apr 2020

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