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Getting It Right: Organic Food Packaging Design Checklist

So you too have decided to join the organic food race. Welcome on board. These indeed are exciting times for the organic food industry. This decision can prove to be a game changer for your food manufacturing business.

To succeed with your latest enterprise however, you must be on point with every detail of your organic food product, starting from the product itself to the equally important product packaging.

Now you may already have a vision in mind of how you’d like your organic food packaging to be; what elements it should have, what shape it should be, and what material it should be made of. In fact, it’s quite possible that you might have already created a design blueprint and are just waiting to put some final touches to it before sending it to your procurement department or packaging supplier.

Regardless of which stage you may be at, you might want to take a look at this organic food packaging design checklist compiled by our packaging experts at Premium Vials. This list will help you create a packaging that will match the healthful promise of your organic product.

Premium Quality

Consumers turn to organic food products for their premium quality. As such, your organic food packaging should reflect the same quality in its material, structure and finish.

  • Use the best quality packaging material
  • Make the design look solid
  • Utilize the latest technology for printing


When customers buy an organic food product, they expect the product to be pure. They expect its source of origin to be sustainable. They consider the product as “good” for them and the environment. Unsurprisingly, they have similar expectations from its packaging.

Does your organic food packaging deliver the message of purity that your customers expect it to?

  • Use packaging that has been made from recycled materials
  • Use packaging that requires less energy during manufacturing

Visual Elements

Text, graphics and other visual elements are central to the success of any packaging. They make packaging look attractive. They make it standout on the shelf. For an organic food product, this is even truer.

When designing an organic food packaging, make sure to:

  • Use high resolution photography
  • Use clean layout
  • Use pictures that communicate the idea of healthy living

Packaging Solutions for the Win

Here at Premium Vials, we offer custom packaging solutions that help businesses succeed in the market place.

From eco-friendly packaging to custom label printing, we can help your create a wholesome organic food packaging for your organic food product, designed for the win.

Contact us today to discuss your packaging needs.

2nd Apr 2020

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