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How to Reduce Costs in Small-Scale Cosmetic Production Through Packaging

As they say in marketing, “The packaging sells the product the first time, but what’s inside sells the product the second time.”

Businesses spend millions of dollars on providing customers with unforgettable packaging experiences. They allocate a large portion of their promotional budget on product packaging, as it captivates customers and entices them to make a purchase.

Great packaging increases sales, ultimately leading to increased production of goods, and the need to further maximize the packaging budget and other costs.

Luckily, businesses can cut down on packaging costs while keeping their brand’s integrity intact. In this blog, we’ve rounded up a few ways to help businesses do this effectively.

Minimize Your Packaging Lines

With an increase in production, you’ll require more packaging materials of different kinds, including paper, metal, plastic, glass, and others.

Analyze your inventory layout and see if there are any identical products that can be grouped on the same packaging line.

Organizing and streamlining your layout and packaging processes will mitigate unnecessary operations, decrease labor costs, and maximize the efficacy of packaging lines.

Decrease Packaging Time with Automation

You don’t need to cut down on product quality to reduce production costs—you can do the same by decreasing packaging time. If you’re still using outdated machinery, invest in advanced and more efficient machinery. This may appear as an additional cost to you right now, but it will reduce your costs and increase revenues in the long run.

Your workers may be investing valuable time in constructing cardboard boxes, assembling packaged products, installing box dividers, and taping packages.

Automate your packaging machinery for increased productivity, decreased carbon footprint, fewer labor injuries, and a better brand reputation.

Use Smaller Packaging

Using small packages in accordance with the size of your product will not only reduce the amount of packaging materials required, but will also reduce shipping costs. Shipping small products in relatively large packaging occupies more space and increases costs.

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2nd Apr 2020

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