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Glass Pre-Roll Tubes

Cannabis related business can look no further than Acme Vial and Glass to provide a versatile assortment of glass packaging and closures. Glass vials are excellent for the storage and distribution of cannabis, pre-rolls and oils. Presentations in glass project an image of quality and brand excellence.

Glass packaging provides maximum visibility while maintaining supreme product integrity.

Safeguard your packaging with child resistant caps or choose from a variety of closures to further enhance your one of a kind packaging.

If the vial you are looking to source is not within our stock product line please contact us about custom manufacturing options.

240 Pk - Glass Pre-Roll Tubes with Cork 19.75x115 mmfor Packaging

264 Pk - Glass Pre-Roll Tubes with Cork 19.75x115 mm for Packaging AV-PRGV0022


  Glass vials have a broad application base and are chemical resistant. They are a good choice for acids, alkali's, solvents, alcohols, oils, household cosmetics, and aqueous products. Price shown is for Amber glass vials and black plastic caps...