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About Us



Premium Vials, is worldwide supplier of glass and plastic packaging and your one stop shop for pharmacy containers, cosmetic and personal care staples. Our product line includes everything you need to maintain a successful dispensary, including versatile storage solutions and child resistant packaging that complies with state regulations for the safe sale and distribution of personal care products. Our high quality packaging solutions maximize shelf life by sealing out moisture and air, saving you money and ensuring that you never lose a customer due to stale or off quality product caused by improper storage.

Premium Vials has significant experience providing personal-care manufacturers, brand owners, and contract packers with packaging solutions that help them succeed in the marketplace. No matter your size, positioning, or packaging needs, we provide outstanding service and bring you anything and everything from concept to commercialization. 

To address the needs of the expanding population and the increasingly sophisticated demands of the retail product manufacturers need packaging that both heightens the appeal and improves the user experience. We have the right Packaging! That’s why we offer a multitude of ways to help your dispensary stand out, be it custom branding dreamed up by our design team or a unique range of packaging colors and styles. Don’t see what you’re looking for on our website? Get in touch! We love expanding our product line to meet the growing needs of dispensaries across the US and Canada.



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