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Environmental Impacts of Plastic and Metal Packaging Compared

Packaging waste from food, drinks, cosmetics and other perishable items has become an alarming issue in today’s world.

The two most common types of waste are from plastic packaging and metal packaging. Both materials have their own environmental pros and cons. However, research shows that plastic contributes to 19% of the total waste, whereas metal contribution is comparatively less, i.e. 5%.

In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into why metal is a better choice for packaging than plastics.

Metal Can Be Recycled

According to an estimate, nearly 20,000 plastic bottles are sold every second around the globe, not even 50 percent of those bottles are ever recycled. Another research shows that only 1/3rd of plastic packaging is recycled in the United Kingdom, and the rest is dumped in landfills.

On the other hand, a whopping 80 percent of the metal that has ever been produced to date is currently used for various purposes. The properties of metal allow the recycling rates to reach up to 90 percent in the next few years.

Eco-Friendliness—Key to Attracting Customers

If your company uses metal packaging, it shows their promise and responsibility toward environmental integrity.

Consumers are impulsively attracted toward brands that adopt eco-friendly practices in their manufacturing and packaging. According to research carried out in 2017 by Unilever, nearly 33 percent of consumers prefer to buy from companies that they believe are involved in social or environmental welfare.

The Lifespan of Metals

Metals and glass are the only materials for packaging that can be recycled an uncountable number of times. On the other hand, packaging made of plastics and polystyrene can only be recycled once—and this is alarming!

While paper has a lifespan of five to seven times, followed by cardboard that can be recycled thrice, its usage is limited when it comes to the packaging of products.

These statistics show that metal packaging is a far better option for brands to play their part in corporate social responsibility (CSR).

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2nd Apr 2020

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