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Crystalline Isolate 500 mg BHCI500


Bhang’s US-Grown -Derived isolate comes in crystalline form, can be orally consumed, or added to a patient’s favorite . The isolate is 98+ percent pure and packaged in a small, clear, screw-top jar for discretion and convenience. Clear of...

Watermelon Cucumber Mint Tincture - 750 mg BHWCM750


    Delicious Watermelon Mint Tincture   100% US  750 mg Produced in a HACCP and GMP compliant facility   Instructions: Place one dropper under your tongue daily. Let rest for 90 seconds to absorb and swallow.  ...

Wellness Beet Shot 25 mg BHBS25


Bhang’s Beet Shot blends 3 whole beets and 25 mg of to bring you your daily dosage of . Organic Beet juice and Natural Extract is used to create this shot that can create a natural energy boost, as well as get you all the health benefits...