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109mm Transparent Plastic J-Tubes (074300) 1000/Box - 1000/Box

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The Squeezetops style Microvials 074300-CR are small child resistant plastic tubes are made for storing the 4 inch (109mm) pre rolled cones. These tubes are made in the USA from 100% recyclable polypropylene plastic. Thanks to their unique hinged lid design these vials are moisture and air resistant providing much needed security during transportation and long term storage. These containers are opaque in color meaning they cannot be seen through. 



0.75" Diameter Series


Outside Dimensions
0.755" Dia. X 4.500"Ht.


Inside Dimensions
0.608" Dia. X 4.470" Ht.


12.7mm Diameter Series


Outside Dimensions
19.18mm Dia. X 114.3mm Ht.


Inside Dimensions
15.44mm Dia. X 113.54mm Ht.


0.31 oz 5.00 drams 18.48 mL


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