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2 oz (60ml) AMBER Glass Bottle - w/ Black Regular Glass Dropper

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  • 2 oz (60ml) AMBER Glass Bottle - w/ Black Regular Glass Dropper
  • 2 oz (60ml) AMBER Glass Bottle - w/ Black Regular Glass Dropper
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2 oz glass boston round bottle with 20-400 neck finish. The boston round bottle is distinctive in its classic shape. Characteristic of the boston round are its rounded shoulders and rounded base. Glass has high clarity, can be colored, has high chemical-resistance levels, and has extremely high resistance to heat and cold. Size 2 oz Material Glass Case Pack 240 Neck Finish 20-400 Diameter 1.526 in / 3.876 cm Height 3.696 in / 9.388 cm 

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Additional Information

2 Oz
Neck Finish:
1.52 in
3.687 in
Label Dimensions:
4.6875 x 2 in (width x height)
Print Dimensions:
4.75 x 2 in (width x height)
per case:
per pack:
cases quantity:
packs quantity:
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22 Reviews

  • 5
    Exactly what was needed

    We have been using these at our office for quite some time, but we lost our usual supplier. It was a daunting task to find a replacement for amber glass bottles with a glass dropper. So glad we found your company.

  • 5
    Very happy

    I was having trouble finding these kind of eye droppers and bottles. So glad to find your site. Very happy with the bottles. I use them to feed baby kitties, as sometimes the regular kitten bottles are rejected by tiny kittens.

  • 5
    Great bottles

    I have laid on sides to make sure no leakage and good seal for travel. Exactly what I wanted at a great price. Will purchase agaim

  • 5
    High-quality vials for my DIY ejuices.

    Amber bottles are best for my ejuices, and I just happen to prefer the stability of glass over other materials.

  • 4
    Cats n

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  • 5
    5 Stars

    I own a health and wellness company, and the majority of our products are packaged in glass dropper bottles. Over the years I've purchased from lots of different vendors - some more expensive and some less expensive. I can tell you from past experience that when we have purchased less expensive bottles from other vendors, we get complaints from our customers that they leak. That is NOT the case with Premium Vials. These are the highest quality dropper bottles you will find at the best available price - and they have great customer service and super fast shipping. Based on our years of experience, you can't go wrong with Premium Vials, so stop your search a place your order now.

  • 5

    So happy with my purchase , used the bottles for home made serums... And for essential oils.

  • 5
    Worked perfectly!

    I make candles and use liquid dye for coloring. The bottles the dyes came in became unusable and I had to find replacements; I still had plenty of dye left I didn't want to waste. I found these at Premium Vials and they worked perfectly. Couldn't ask for a better fit and I can manage the amount of drops.

  • 5
    Great bottle for serum

    Great dropper bottle for serums

  • 4
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