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24-410 Black Mini Fine Mist Trigger Sprayer with Lock Bottom with 8.93" Dip Tube

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Case Pack : 960


Our 24-410 Black Mini Fine Mist Trigger Sprayer with Lock Button and 227mm Dip Tube has many features to bring out the best in your packaging. It comes with a Spring Loaded Trigger Handle, Smooth Skirt, and 227mm dip tube. Above all, it comes equipped with an inner seal liner and stainless steel alloy internal sprayer components, which is safe from corrosion and rust.


When using different manufactureres there are times where the style may slightly change. 


This black mini fine mist trigger sprayer comes with a smooth skirt for a clean aesthetic look to your packaging. In addition, This sprayer lets out a fine .21cc of a widespread of fine mist. Great to cover any type of area big or small. This might be a mini trigger sprayer but it covers a great blanket of surface area.

Lock Button

Our black mini fine mist trigger sprayer features a turn-knob lock button in which you can turn the knob on the left or right side of the sprayer to open the sprout of the sprayer. Turn the knob back facing in the same direction as the sprayer to lock the trigger in place.

When in the off position it prevents the sprayer from any accidental discharge and keeps the trigger in a stern position.


This black mini fine mist trigger sprayer has a spray power of about 0.21cc per spray. Once the nozzle is set to the On position, our black mini fine mist trigger sprayer lets out a fine controlled mist spray that covers a great blanket of surface area. Lastly, it carries a 227mm dip tube below.

PP Plastic Material

Lastly, it is made from (PP) polypropylene plastic which is marked with the resin identification code of 5. Polypropylene is less flexible than LDPE, somewhat stiffer than other plastics. In addition, our Plastic Chemical Skirt Trigger Sprayers can come in a variation of translucent, opaque, natural, white, or any color. PP has very good resistance to fatigue and has an extremely high melting point of (320 degrees Fahrenheit or 160 degrees Celsius).

In conclusion, you can pair this Sprayer with various Bottles that match a 24-410 neck size. For instance, the first number represents the diameter of the containers opening and in (mm). The second number represents the thread-depth of the closure’s skirt.

In other words, This sprayer is great for any liquids ranging from cosmetics to personal care products. When the pump is pressed, the product is released in a fine mist. For instance, the sprayer has an output of .9cc per firm press.

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1 Review

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    24/410 mini trigger sprayer

    Work perfectly every time, and shipped really quickly.

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