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25ml PP (27x77mm), with screw cap, sterile, 8 bags of 25 tubes, 200/pack

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  • 25ml PP (27x77mm), with screw cap, sterile, 8 bags of 25 tubes, 200/pack
  • 25ml PP (27x77mm), with screw cap, sterile, 8 bags of 25 tubes, 200/pack


MTC Bio's 25mL tube is the newest addition to our family of screw cap conical tubes. Closing the obvious gap between 15mL and 50mL tubes, they are ideal for any application that requires more than 15mL and less than 50mL, including midipreps, general sample prep, centrifugation, mixing and storage. Aside from the reduction in freight costs, storage space and plastic waste, the 33% reduced height and large diameter design (which is identical to 50mL tubes) allows for faster re-suspension of pellets and 100% recovery of small samples. Concerns about cross-contamination (a frequent result of accidental contact between the pipette and the inner wall of a 15mL tube) are eliminated by the hood-friendly, low profile, wide diameter format. Additionally, the tubes have a 360° support rim, just below the cap. Similar to 1.5 mL tubes, this rim allows the tube to fit into most racks, blocks, shields and rotors without requiring adapters*. Made of high clarity polypropylene, MTC Bio 25mL conical tubes can withstand up to 17,000xg maximum RCF* and are supplied sterile, certified RNase, DNase and pyrogen free and packed in racks or bags of 25 tubes with screw caps attached. *Refers to liquids with a specific gravity of 1.0, using appropriate rotors, cushions and adapters in high speed applications.
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