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Clear Glass Gallon Jars, Pack of 2

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Color: Clear


  • Includes 2 Lovely Clear Glass Gallon Jars and 2 White Plastic Lids with Foam Liner
  • Includes 2 Extra Large (4"x6") Fancy Chalkboard Labels by NiceBottles -- Customize with your Favorite Chalkboard Marker! Use of Labels is Optional, Included Separately (Unapplied) Inside Package. Marker Not Included; Rice & Beans Not Included!
  • Ideal for Food Storage, Fermentation, Pickling & Million Other Uses!
  • Jar Dimensions: 10" tall, 6" diameter, 4" wide mouth opening. Capacity: 1 gallon
  • Food Grade, USDA Approved & Dishwasher Safe. Includes Airtight Liner Seal
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