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Dynarex Safe-Touch Vinyl Stretch Exam Gloves - Large -Powder Free

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  • Dynarex Safe-Touch Vinyl Stretch Exam Gloves - Large -Powder Free
  • Dynarex Safe-Touch Vinyl Stretch Exam Gloves - Medium -Powder Free


Powder Free. Stretch Vinyl Exam Gloves. Protein Free. 100% Latex Free. 100 Gloves. American Screening Corp's Stretch Exam Gloves are constructed using only the finest quality virgin PVC Plastic. These high quality exam gloves are at a low price and are 100% latex free. Latex Free eliminates the possibility of allergenic reactions commonly associated with latex proteins. Storage: Store gloves in a dry ventilated environment. Do not store above 100 degrees F (37 C) Avoid direct sunlight, fluorescent lighting, heat and moisture


  • Ideal for personnel with sensitivity to powdered gloves
  • A must for lab procedures where powder free gloves are prescribed
  • Meets or exceeds all current FDA regulations
  • 100 gloves per box
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