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LiquiLockPremium Pipette Filter for electronic pipette controllers, locks out all liquid and protects inner mechanism, 5/pk

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MTC Bio's new ProPetteLiquiLOCKis a premium disposable filter unit that prevents liquid from entering the internal mechanism of pipette controllers. LiquiLOCKis a multi-layered 0.8µm barrier, fused into an ultrasonically welded filter housing. When it comes in contact with liquid, the filter creates a check-valve effect. Once wet, it self-seals, halts pipetting, and completely blocks liquid from passing through the barrier. No further aspiration can be achieved until the LiquiLOCKfilter is replaced. ProPetteLiquiLOCKtakes only seconds to install and extend the life of your pipette controllers. Compatible with ProPette and all popular pipette controller brands.
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