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Reservoir, divided, 50ml sterile , Individually wrapped, 100/cs

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MTC Bio’s specialty solution reservoirs are designed to make multi-channel pipetting as easy and efficient as possible. The 8PLUS4reservoir allows for multiple solutions in one reservoir for easy and diverse experimentation. The thin divider wall is strategically placed so that a 12-channel pipette can still be used effortlessly, making the 8PLUS4 one of the most versatile solution reservoirs on the market today. Our new ASPIR-8is the ideal reservoir for any lab utilizing 8 channel pipettes. The strict inner dimensions are designed specifically for 8-channels, thus conserving space and reagent over its longer 12-channel counterparts. This thinner design minimizes reagent exposure and usage. ASPI-8 is the only reservoir that is tailor-made for your 8-channel instrument.
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