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Urine Collection Cup with Integrated Transfer Device, 2oz (60mL), STERILE, Individually Wrapped

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GS 3852


TransferTop™ Urine Collection and Direct Transfer Cups feature an integrated transfer mechanism for "closed system" transfer of urine samples directly from the cup to a vacuum sample tube. With the TransferTop™ System, there is no need for laboratory personnel to open the collection cup and pour the sample into a tube for processing. Instead, the safety label is peeled back, and the vacuum tube inserted for simple, safe, efficient, and reliable sample transfer. The urine transfer straw can be used to transfer urine specimens from a standard urine collection cup to a urine vacuum tube. TransferTop™ Closed System for Urine Transfer: Requires no open transferring of samples for reduced spills, improves lab hygiene, and limited exposure to dangerous samples Reduces risk of contamination for improved test results Directly transfers samples to a tube suitable for analysis and transport Works with most vacuum urine tubes Provides consistent sample transfer volumes when used with like vacuum tubes Improves efficiencies and sample throughput when compared to traditional open systems
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