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Weighing Boat, Plastic, Hexagonal, Antistatic, PS, White, Medium, 50mL

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GS 3616


Globe Scientific Hexagonal Weighing Boats are uniquely designed for non-slip handling, pouring, and dispensing of solids and liquids when weighing. The weigh boats have flat bottoms and sloping sides to ensure stability, prevent tipping and facilitate accurate pour-outs. Made from flexible polystyrene, the weigh boats bend easily to form pour spouts for controlled transfers and prevent sample loss. · Made from white translucent polystyrene · Biologically inert, contaminant-free, and resistant to most dilute acids, alcohols, bases, and aqueous solutions · Food-grade compliant · Withstands temperatures -10C to 80°C · Anti-static, can be used to safely weigh static-affected materials · Disposable · Flexible polystyrene enables the weigh boats to bend easily to form pour spouts for controlled transfers · Flat bottoms ensure stability and prevent tipping · Sloping sides facilitate accurate sample transfers · Stackable for easy storing
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hexagonal weighing boat
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