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Glass Packaging in the Pharmaceutical World: An Overview

Visit your neighborhood pharmacy and you’ll find that most pharmaceuticals and medical products come packaged in glass rather than aluminum or plastic. So, is there a specific reason why most pharmaceutical companies prefer glass as their packaging material of choice?

While glass is more delicate to handle compared to plastic or aluminum, it offers some unique beneficial properties which makes it highly suitable for storing medical products. Here are some reasons why pharmaceutical manufacturers should consider glass packaging for their products.

Its Temperature Resistant

Since pharmaceuticals are designed to fulfill such vital and sensitive purposes, it’s crucial to store them at an optimal temperature. With some medicines, even slight variations in temperature can affect their properties, which is why glass is the perfect packaging solution. Glass packaging has an exceptional ability to regulate the temperature of its contents and doesn’t lose structure or leak chemicals due to temperature changes.

It Doesn’t React With Chemicals

Another property which makes glass the perfect packaging material for pharmaceuticals is its non-reactive nature, which means that it doesn’t leak any chemicals into its contents. Of course, this property is particularly important for pharmaceuticals since medicines are comprised of a precise balance of compounds to create the correct mixture that will effectively treat patients. If any additional chemicals are leaked into this fine balance, it’s likely that the medicine will no longer be as effective. It can potentially even become hazardous.

It Doesn’t Seep or Leak

Certain types of plastic can leak a chemical known as Bisphenol A (BPA), which can potentially effect brain health and cause blood pressure issues if ingested. There are no such leaking or seeping issues with glass, on the other hand.

Glass is Easy to Sterilize

Another advantage with glass packaging is that it’s easy to sterilize. Glass holds its structure when exposed to high temperatures, which makes it easy to eliminate germs and harmful bacteria. Glass can also be baked afterwards to dry it a controlled way and it won’t crack!

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2nd Apr 2020

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