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Packaging Designs For Senior Buyers

In the United States, over 46 million people are above the age of 65. It is also projected that this figure will be doubled by the year 2060. From these statistics, you should be able to deduce that life expectancy has increased and that the senior population in the country is growing. Taking this trend into account, companies that want to expand their consumer base and increase their profits need to look into products that cater to this growing section of the population.

Even if the products are not specific to the needs of these senior buyers, the packaging of the product needs to be such that elderly individuals are more likely to opt for that product. Here’s how you can attract senior buyers through the packaging of your product.

Labels and decoration

Elders have seen it all, but now they’re not seeing as much as they did before. Bad eyesight is a companion of the elderly and if the customer isn’t able to read the information written on the packaging then they’re most likely to disregard the product altogether. Using larger texts and bolder colors will lead to optimal visibility for senior buyers, which will compel them to try out your product.

Safe and easy-to-open packaging

Let’s say your outer layer packaging was a success but when the product was brought home, it was very difficult to open the container. Senior buyers experience reduced grip strength and hence, if they buy a product that will give their arm a run for its money then it’s likely that they will refrain from buying that product again.

Visual communication 

The product packaging should include a visual aid that would enable senior buyers to open the product packaging one step at a time. This way, their handling and opening problems will be resolved and their inclination towards buying your product will increase significantly.

Old and gold

Among senior buyers, loyalty for one product over others in the market is common. Even if an improved product has been introduced, if the customer has stuck to your product for a while, it’s likely that they’ll continue using it. This is precisely the reason why it’s important to introduce packaging that can create loyal senior buyers who are always willing to pay good money for the product.

The senior citizen-friendly packaging is the need of the hour and you need the best there is to fulfill all your product packaging needs. Check out Premium Vials’ wholesale packaging solutions and place your orders for pre-roll bags, metal tins and much more today!

12th Jul 2019

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